Is it possible to use bracket expansion in an ad-hoc command? I'm trying to do:

ansible web3 -m shell -a "sudo gzip /var/opt/tomcat/logs/appname.log.2015-05-2{4..7}" -K

But it's being interpreted as a string. Is this a situation where I might need to use xargs?


Is the host web3 a recent Debian/Ubuntu server where /bin/sh is actually dash? The bracket expansion is not supported by it. You might need to specify executable option to shell module.

$ ansible -i localhost, all -m shell -a 'ls /var/log/syslog.{2..4}.gz'
localhost | FAILED | rc=2 >>
ls: cannot access /var/log/syslog.{2..4}.gz: No such file or directory

$ ansible -i localhost, all -m shell -a 'ls /var/log/syslog.{2..4}.gz executable=/bin/bash'
localhost | success | rc=0 >>

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