In windows file explorer, I would like to go through all the subfolders in a folder and identify all the files in those folders and sort them by latest date and time.

I am trying to figure out when was the last time any file(s) that was deployed to any of those subfolders.

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    I think Powershell is your friend here. – krisFR Jun 1 '15 at 1:37

If i assume you want to do that in windows file explorer, just point it in the proper forlder and type * in the search box (it will do it recursively)

Now show detail view in explorer and click on "date modified" column .

And voila! you 'll have all your files recursively sorted by modification time.

If you wanted that list (only filename) on a text file ordered by modification time, just open command prompt and type

dir /s /b /on yourfolder >logfile.txt

In Powershell, try

get-childitem -recurse | sort -property creationtime

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