I am running a small intranet site off Windows 7 and IIS and I have a page page/LoadPage.aspx which is an ASPX container page for displaying a requested page, e.g. http://localhost/page/LoadPage.aspx?p=downloads (which loads downloads.html located in the root directory).

The problem is, when creating a User-Friendly URL using the URL Rewrite plugin in IIS 7, if the query tag (p) requests a page in a particular directory (e.g. http://localhost/page/LoadPage.aspx?p=downloads/software, which should load the page downloads/software.html) then a 404 error will be thrown because the server thinks the user has requested a directory.

The mapping and redirecting do work for single requests like page/LoadPage.aspx?p=downloads which successfully redirects to http://localhost/downloads.html.

Thank you.

UPDATE: Here is the code. Could it be the problem?

Example URL: /page/LoadPage.aspx?p=downloads (This works and redirects to downloads.html)

Example URL: /page/LoadPage.aspx?p=downloads/software (This doesn't work, but is meant to redirect to /downloads/software.html)

Protected Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
        Dim p = Request.QueryString("p").ToString
        Dim page = HttpUtility.UrlDecode(p)
        Dim ReadHTML As New IO.StreamReader("\\PC\User\Documents\IIS Websites\Intranet\" & page & ".html")
        container.InnerHtml = ReadHTML.ReadToEnd
    End Sub

/ is a reserved character, so you will need to url encode the querystring value.

Your URL should look like this:


To use the value in your .NET code, you will need to decode the value:




I solved the problem. It seems that IIS does not like / in a query unless it is double escaped like this %252f. However, it will not replace it with a slash and so the URL ends up looking messy. I avoided this problem by using an underscore for my slash symbol: /page/LoadPage.aspx?downloads_software It then replaces the colon with a slash during runtime (the change is not visible in the URL, unfortunately).

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