I have configured and iSCSi drive by using iSCSi Initiator for a windows server 2008 R2 for the purpose of storing backup but when I try to run backup schedule and assign the iSCSi drive as a backup destination it shows the following error and I I'm very sure it is not related to space. the iSCSi drive have 1.5 TB storage while the server needs less than 1 TB I did some search on the internet there are a couple of suggestions to delete shadow copies and delete the backup catalogue I have preformed all but still no luck any idea or help ?enter image description here


I would see if the file block size is too big on the destination server. If the 1 TB has many small files, they may consume a large number of blocks. I would look to see if you have a large amount of virtual memory too. If a master file table has not allocated the 1.5 TB space, the server may think there is less available space because not all of it is usable. There may be a configuration problem. The source may being growing when the process is happening too.

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  • many thanks for your support ,actually I did create the VHD using dynamic disk but after you mentioned that I have recreated the disk using fixed VHD the issue has been solved ! again many thanks – Shad Jun 2 '15 at 8:25

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