I have recently installed BES 5.0 on a Hyper-V (i know it's not officially supported) 64-bit Server 2008 box with a remote SQL 2005 database. I successfully installed and was able to access the Blackberry Administration Service but was getting untrusted certificate errors so I followed the documentation for importing CA and BAS certificates with the Java keytool. They imported successfully but now the BAS webpage shows a "page cannot be displayed" error. TSupport is no help at all. Any ideas?


Resolved. In the registry, browse to: HKEY_Current_User\Software\Research In Motion\Blackberry Enterprise Server\Administration Service\Key Store. Ensure that you have the following two keys with your keystore password as the value:

CacertsKeyStorePass WebkeyStorePass <----this is the one i was missing.

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