What I'm trying to do is spawn a detached screen session, but as part of the command line that creates it - also modify the ACL list.

So right now I have

screen -dmS MySession "SomeProgram" "SomeArguments"

If I want to modify the ACL of MySession to give another user access to it, I'd have to run a second screen command to run a 'screen' command on that session.

What I need to do is modify the ACL as part of the initial command line used to spawn the session. Is there a way to do this?


Put the ACLs in a seperate screenrc and load that with -c:

e.g.: /opt/multi-screen-rc

multiuser on
acladd user1
acladd user2

Then run like this:

screen -c /opt/multi-screen-rc -dmS MySession /usr/bin/foo bar baz

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