I have a Windows 2012 server with IIS 8 on it. I am trying to allow users within a IIS_ADMIN group on my Active Directory to be allowed to administer the server.

The Problem

When I log into my server with a user that is in the IIS_ADMIN group, and I open IIS, i am presented with the start page and only the start page. enter image description here

I will then try to connect to the local server using the "Connect to a server..." option, I am presented with the error "Unauthorized.

I can log into the server as Administrator or a member of the administrator group and see the start page as well as the local server in IIS.

The Expected Result

I want to be able to add any user to the IIS_ADMIN group within my AD and have them be able to see the server when they log onto it and open IIS.

What I have Tried

I have tried a few different options here to try to solve this problem.

  • Add AD group (IIS_ADMIN) to the IIS_USRS Local Group on the local group policy
  • Add AD group (IIS_ADMIN) to the Administrator Group on the local server
  • Added user of the IIS_ADMIN group to the Administrators Group on the local server (this works but not what I want because this would give User administrator access to the whole system)
  • Since you posted the answer in the question, add user to IIS_Admin, please describe further why this is not the solution needed. – Ed Fries Jun 5 '15 at 5:24
  • @EdFries: because I dont want the IIS_ADMIN group to have administrator access to the whole computer.. ONLY iis – bretterer Jun 5 '15 at 13:05
  • Adding a user to IIS_Admin group doesn't provide admin access to entire machine, unless the rights for the IIS_Admin group have been changed. – Ed Fries Jun 5 '15 at 19:52

You have to use IIS feature delegation to allow an IIS admin who is not also an admin of the entire server:


IIS Feature Delegation

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