i'm running esxi 5.5u2 standalone with 3 datastores , (local , netapp (nfs) and synology (nfs )

There are two Gigabit network adapters configured. One per vswitch.

One for storage and the other for management. the two adapter and Nas are on the same physical switch.

i want to copy a vm from the netapp to the synology but the speed is very slow (8 -10 MB /sec) instead of 30 - 60 MB /sec

Individual test show speed topping at 60 MB sec

Where is the bottleneck and how to avoid it?

(see the following performance graph to understand.)

Thank you enter image description here


I think i found a clue .

the two cards were on separate vswitch and i tested also the card in the same vswitch and assigning a vmnic to each portgroup.

It looks like if i want to force read on vmnic0 and write on vmnic1 to maximize bandwidth something is slowing it down.

enter image description here

Now if i put all vmnic on the same vswitch (separate port group) and default network failover order, vmware use one adapter to read and write and this is faster. enter image description here

Yet i have to find the reason for this behavior .

To be continued ...

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