I have a USB hard drive plugged into a server running Windows Hyper-V-server, which in many respects is like Windows Server Core in that it has no GUI and no way to get to device manager. On a normal Windows PC the default for USB drives is for quick removal, and I'm assuming this is the same on the server. If it were plugged into my PC then I could use device manager to change this policy to "Better performance".

My question is this: on Windows Hyper-V-server or Windows Server-Core, how can I set a USB HD to "Better Performance" instead of "Quick removal"? (I already know how to safely eject using a third party tool.)

Thank you.


Open regedit.exe and navigate to:


find the USB device you want to change and navigate down through

..Device Parameters\Classpnp

There should be a DWORD value UserRemovalPolicy a 2 represents Better Performance and a 3 stands for Quick Removal.

On my machine a reboot is required, but in my case the Server OS is installed on the USB disk in question, so I'm not sure about that. Also on my machine 2 was the default which makes sense for servers, so you may not have to change anything.

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  • Excllent, thank you @peter. On my server ..Device Parameters\Classpnp didn't exist. Having looked at it on my Windows 8 pc it looks like Classpnp\UserRemovalPolicy is only created when the policy is changed. So, if anyone else is reading this and you don't see Classpnp under Device Parameters then you will need to create a new key Classpnp and under that add the DWORD UserRemovalPolicy with the value 2. I think a reboot will always be required, but I can live with that. – Brian Cryer Jun 9 '15 at 13:40

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