I have an Google Cloud Endpoint with an configured Cloud SQL - Database with an dedicated IPv4 for external access. It all worked fine until today, where suddenly the access was restricted from EVERY IP I allowed.

Also "allow all" with is not working any more.

I have checked the IP and it's all the same, server and client. Anyway its possible for my Endpoint to access it ( its locally there, so no ip check required).

Is there any way how to check if they currently have problems with it on their servers? I don't know what i can/should to in this case. Thanks for your help in adanvance

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    did you try to reboot your Cloud SQL instance to see if it fix the issue? – Kamran Jun 9 '15 at 22:12
  • I rebooted the instance several times. Also changing password was not possible. I created now another user, which worked. And THEN i was able to re-change the root password and then it worked -.- Must be a strange server issue. – myfknoll Jun 10 '15 at 3:42

After adding a new user, i was able to access the SQL instance again,... Then I changed the password several times and back to the old one. Obviously it's working again. But I don't know why it didn't work before.

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