I've been deploying Windows with wds 2012 to clients running in BIOS mode forever, using wds 2012 and dhcp in the same network, but on different boxes. clients are in a different network and on the DHCP server the dhcp-options 66 and 67 are in place. I tried to deploy to a client in UEFI mode: pxe-e16: No offer received

I removed the DHCP options and set up a ip helper address pointing to wds.

My uefi client started booting from LAN, it downloaded wdsmgfw.efi and started downloading the boot.wim, just perfect.

BUT This worked for some time, maybe a day, and then, suddenly: pxe-e16: No offer received.

Then I would put the dhcp options 66/67 in place again in order to be able to deploy again.

After some time, e.g 1 day, I would re-remove the dhcp-options and pxe boot with uefi clients would work again.

and on and on and on...

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