I've bought a new server which only allows disks to be connected to a built-in Intel RMS25CB080 RAID controller card. The server has 8 2.5" slots.

I'm considering using SSDs with this server, however I'm not interested in having the SSDs in a RAID configuration owing to the lack of TRIM support (it's 2015, why isn't TRIM supported in RAID1/5/10 yet?), so the SSDs would have to be in a "passthrough" configuration, however I cannot see anything in the manual about presenting single physical disks as-is to the hardware's operating system.

The documentation of the controller says it does support certain "Non-disk" devices, I found this thread from February 2013 talking about support for Intel 530-series SSDs ( https://communities.intel.com/thread/36368 ) however it doesn't explain what exactly it means to support SSDs. Does this mean the controller does send TRIM commands to the SSDs (even in various RAID configurations) or something else?


The traditional method to enable quasi-direct access to the sigle disks in absence of a true passthrough feature is to create multiple single-disk RAID0 arrays (one array for each disk).

Then, you can test trim functionality using an appropriate program as trimchecker

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