I'm kind of lost with this. I've got a domain parked on a web hosting company.

The webpage is a webapp that generate too much traffic to be on a shared hosting.

On current server I manage the emails account for the same domain. I copy the web to a dedicated server and get it up and running.

How could I sent all www.domain.tld traffic to my d. server ? Because if I either go to domain.tld or www.domain.tld I land on the same page.

On CPanel I have:

domain.tld A
www.domain.tld CNAME domain.tld

So, If I get it right when I visit www it just redirect to domain.tld. Thats ok because it's all on the same server.

I could change the CNAME of www and point to my server, right? What if the visitors visit without www (naked domain?).

I'm afraid to lose mail accounts or other functions.

Edit for clarification:

The shared hosting provides web, ftp and mail services (among others). The website generates too much traffic for this kind of hosting so we're moving it to a box in a dedicated server. But only the web. Mails and ftp will stay on current server.

If the user types http://www.domain.com or http://domain.com it should be redirected to the new server. For the www changing from CNAME to A should be enough but I don't understand how http://domain.com should point either to www or directly to the dedicated.

Many thanks!

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You can change the CNAME to an A record to point to your server.

What if the visitors visit without www (naked domain?).

You said in your question, in at least two places, that you wanted to move the www subdomain.

  • Thank you. Yes. But if I entered domain.com will it go to my server or will be it resolved by the webhosting. I think I get the www subdomain. I have a hard time understanding the naked domain. ´domain.com´ if it is from a webbrowser it should go to the new server (as www). I'm asking because on the zone dns panel, domain.com has SOA, NS, A, MX and TXT. I only need to move the website to other server either if the user types www or no. – Esselans Jun 14 '15 at 2:27
  • @Engerlost Okay, so then you asked completely the wrong question. You don't want to move a subdomain, you want to move a web site. – David Schwartz Jun 14 '15 at 2:29
  • It is hard for me to explain it because I don't know much about this (also english). But yes, the webhosting gives ftp, mail and web service. I want the web (domain.com and domain.com) to be permanently redirect to my server but keep on this the mail and such. That makes any sense to you? – Esselans Jun 14 '15 at 2:33
  • @Engerlost Yeah. Probably what you want to do is move the www subdomain. Then run a web server on the machine the domain points to just to redirect people who access the named domain to the www subdomain. – David Schwartz Jun 14 '15 at 2:38
  • So the CNAME record becomes an A record. And the current webserver should redirect all to www (which points to the other server)? Did I get it right? – Esselans Jun 14 '15 at 2:56

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