I have a Centos box with dual onboard Ethernet ports. My hopes are to have Eth0 as the Public IP coming from the ISP Bridged router and Eth1 connected to a local router for internal purposes. Currently it is not working that way. They act like they are bonded together. I did not do that when i set it up. What i want to know is if it is possible to do that and how should they be set up - Bridged, isolating, or Gatewaying. The public IP will be tied to a domain name and i want to be able to access the other port internally for use as a development area. thank you.

Update 6/14/2014 8:23 EST Version of CentOS is 6.6 I386 Currently right now i disabled or changed the eth0 to an internal address. So a link would not be helpful. Below is the traceroute of the private IP in use traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets 1 Linksys09562 ( 3010.341 ms !H 3009.795 ms !H 3019.864 ms !H Trace complete

If there is more information needed just ask.

Update 6/14/2015 10:05 EST Eth0: IPVINIT=no HWADDR=00:30:48:B3:97:56 UUID=c5487d70-8371-4012-addd-3a59c8bf72eb BOOTPROTO=dhcp NM_CONTROLLED=no TYPE=ethernet DEVICE=eth0 DEFROUTE=yes IPV4_FAILURE_FATAL=yes ONBOOT=yes

ETH1: GATEWAY= IPVINIT=no HWADDR=68:05:CA:33:42:82 BROADCAST= DNS1= NETMASK= IPADDR= UUID=27d87da2-ebb5-4b5d-b370-ad960719e667 BOOTPROTO=none NM_CONTROLLED=no TYPE=ethernet DEVICE=eth1 IPV4_FAILURE_FATAL=yes ONBOOT=yes

/etc/network/interfaces - does not exist.

  • add following details: version of centos, output of 'ip addr' 'ip route' and 'ip link' – dmourati Jun 14 '15 at 4:22
  • We're still waiting for the information that dmourati asked for. – Michael Hampton Jun 14 '15 at 14:25
  • That information is in the paragraph dated 6/14/2014 8:23 EST. If i am missing something let me know and i will post it. I did traceroute if that is not what is wanted please explain. thanks – Scott Purtan Jun 14 '15 at 14:33

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