I'd like to try out coreos on our little cluster (4 machines). I’d like to install coreos on each machine’s disk.

I’ve got a trusty64 live cd that I will use to run the coreos-install script. Is there a default cloud-config file I could use to set this up ?

I want to give each machine the private ip 192.168.5.i

Would this file be enough to init my cluster when installing coreos on disk on my first machine ( ? http://pastie.org/private/njub0e4nahb10enh9nnw

  - ssh-rsa MYKEY
    discovery: https://discovery.etcd.io/MYTOKEN
    - name: etcd.service
      command: start
    - name: fleet.service
      command: start

Seems like when installing on disk $private_ipv4 is not interpreted (do I have to enter the ip then ?)


For bare metal, you'll need to set up static networking with a network unit.

More info here: https://coreos.com/docs/cluster-management/setup/network-config-with-networkd/#static-networking

  • I read this doc but did not really understand what is needed. As I have a small number of machines, is that possible to describe all the nodes (name, ip,...) in the same cloud-config file ? Otherwise, when installing CoreOS on each node (bare metal), my understanding is that a network file needs to be set on each node, is that correvt – Luc Jun 15 '15 at 18:12
  • Can this be done after coreos is installed ? What could be a minimal cloud-config file ? Thanks a lot for your help Rob. – Luc Jun 15 '15 at 18:14

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