I have an Ubuntu VM running Jenkins that is able to run builds and prepare deployable artifacts. Currently these artifacts are being sent to Azure's blob storage on success.

However, I now need to set up a Jenkins job that when triggered will take a specific artifact and deploy it to my Web App.

Unfortunately, what isn't quite clear to me at the moment is what my best options are for getting my built-and-ready project to the Web App.

Here are some items that I'm hoping to have clarified:

  • Does Azure support deploying straight from storage? I suspect if this were an option, everything would be much easier! If so, can I use it from the nodejs-based CLI?
    • If not, can I use the nodejs-based CLI to ship the artifact or am I forced into using FTP?
  • If I'm forced to use FTP, is there a way I can infer the credentials from within my VM because it is running on Azure?
  • If I'm forced to use FTP, do I have to clear anything out prior to uploading everything?
  • I know Web Apps support slots, so I'm wondering if perhaps some aspect of those might be worth leveraging as well?

Obvious disclaimer that while yes I have googled this, none of the results gave a clear outline of what a cli-based deploy flow might look like. At least one of the results vaguely eludes to the possibility of CLI deployment and then casts you adrift to an installation-instructions page.

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