Am I correct in assuming an application pool with recycle settings of:

  • regular time interval: 1740
  • Specific time: 3:00AM

will only reset at 3:00AM, because the time interval is over 24 hours?


On IIS 8.5 (Windows 8.1), I've just run the following test.

My start time is 11:04. I set the app pool to recycle at 11:06 (specific time), and also reset every 5 minutes (regular time interval).

Using PowerShell -

ps w3wp | select ProcessName, StartName

First, when checking the start date of the process, I get 11:04:27 (The time when I changed the settings of the app pool, forcing a recycle).

Then, I get 11:06:00 (when the specific time passes).

I let time go on. The next change is at 11:11:00. This is 5 minutes from when the last specific time recycle kicked in.

So, all in all, the regular time interval counter is reset when the specific time passes.


In the given question, the app pool will reset at 3.00am every day, because the 1740 minutes always gets cut short by the specific time recycles.


That is my understanding as well. The time interval counter would be reset each night at 3:00AM and will never reach its 29 hours threshold.

I can't find any official information about this though. To confirm this assumption turn on event logging and let it run for a few days. Events should be in the Application Event Log with the source WAS

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