I have a private cloud of Openstack running KVM compute. I'm looking to add other hypervisors into the Openstack private cloud as well. Namely, vmware and hyper-V. I know VMware has been researching Openstack integration for some time. My question is, does ESXi 6.0 support some level of northbound Openstack out of the box? How would I put ESXi and Hyper-V under the Openstack umbrella?

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ESXi doesn't support the OpenStack API directly. There's VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO)... although I don't think it's supported to use other hypervisors with this.

If you want to use vSphere as a backend for OpenStack without VIO, this is fortunately documented here but it looks like this works via vCenter only.

If you can't use vCenter because you want to use the free ESXi hypervisor: I don't see any advantages over KVM in that case.

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