How does one safely lower the TDP rating of Opteron CPUs? I am willing to sacrifice some power, but wish to keep stability.

Background: I have a TYAN S4985 Motherboard with 4 quad-core Opteron 8380 processors in a very well-ventilated case. I bought fanless pure-copper coolers that came with no TDP rating. They are normally used on racks with Opteron 280s (TDP ratings of ~90W). My processors are rated at 115W TDP. I'm a little worried about installing them and keeping the 115W rating, so can anyone please shine some light on this?


Fanless heatsinks from servers are designed to have a strong forced airflow passed over them from fans in the case. They will not be enough in a more spacious case.


https://sites.google.com/site/k10stat/ can undervolt, based on each P-state. Changing clocking is possible, but only when your hardware allows it.

It supports a wide variety of AMD processors.

You will need to run it automatically (e. g. task scheduler) since it only changes settings for the current session.

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