I am attempting to manage cache invalidation by using cache tags in a header field called X-Cache-Tags. The relevant headers from a typical response look like this:

Cache-Control:public, s-maxage=300
Via:1.1 varnish-v4
X-Varnish:1737663 852286

This object is cached correctly and I get hits when I request the page.

I am also able to issue a ban on these headers. After issuing the ban for the tag product-395378, my ban.list looks like this:

1435166652.596926   117    obj.http.X-Host ~ .* && obj.http.X-Url ~ .* && obj.http.content-type ~ .* && obj.http.X-Cache-Tags ~ (product\-395378)(,.+)?$

So it looks like the ban is set correctly. However, when I request this same page after the ban, the cache is not invalidated and I get a cache hit instead of a miss.

What could be the issue?


I found the issue. I was not setting the X-Host and X-Url headers in vcl_backend_response.

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