Have a fresh OS X installation here (new VM), and when trying to install Homebrew I just get an SSL error.

fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew/': Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to github.com:-9847
Failed during: git fetch origin master:refs/remotes/origin/master -n --depth=1

This is the command I'm using:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

Checked around a little bit and tried adding --insecure (or -k) and removing the s from https, but it doesn't seem to help. With --insecure I just get that server aborted the SSL handshake.

Anybody have any idea what is wrong here? "xcode-select --install" has been run as well.

After a post on SO I dumped the packages with tcpdump to a pcap file and opened that with tshark. From that I'm getting:

1 0.000000 MY_IP_REMOVED -> TCP 78 49451→443 [SYN] Seq=0 Win=65535 Len=0 MSS=1460 WS=32 TSval=170479114 TSecr=0 SACK_PERM=1

2 0.128228 -> MY_IP_REMOVED TCP 78 443→49451 [SYN, ACK] Seq=0 Ack=1 Win=14240 Len=0 MSS=1436 SACK_PERM=1 TSval=2830778812 TSecr=170479114 WS=1024 [ETHERNET FRAME CHECK SEQUENCE INCORRECT]

3 0.128303 MY_IP_REMOVED -> TCP 66 49451→443 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=1 Win=132416 Len=0 TSval=170479237 TSecr=2830778812

4 0.150128 MY_IP_REMOVED -> SSL 255 Client Hello

6 0.150916 -> TCP 64 443→49451 [FIN, ACK] Seq=1101 Ack=190 Win=4237312 Len=0 [ETHERNET FRAME CHECK SEQUENCE INCORRECT]

7 0.150961 MY_IP_REMOVED -> TCP 66 49451→443 [ACK] Seq=190 Ack=1101 Win=131328 Len=0 TSval=170479257 TSecr=2830778812

8 0.150990 MY_IP_REMOVED -> TCP 66 49451→443 [ACK] Seq=190 Ack=1102 Win=131328 Len=0 TSval=170479257 TSecr=2830778812

9 0.151046 MY_IP_REMOVED -> TCP 66 49451→443 [FIN, ACK] Seq=190 Ack=1102 Win=132416 Len=0 TSval=170479257 TSecr=2830778812

10 0.151156 -> MY_IP_REMOVED TCP 64 443→49451 [RST] Seq=1102 Win=4237312 Len=0 [ETHERNET FRAME CHECK SEQUENCE INCORRECT]

And here's running the dump through tshark -V -r: http://pastebin.com/cZg9NWwF

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    Is the time correct in the VM? – EEAA Jun 25 '15 at 14:23

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