I have created Active Directory Group to allow access to certain user to IIS site (IIS version 8.5). I have installed "URL Authorization" module as shown in below link:


Added following Rule in Web.config file to allow access to users under "Domain\Security Group1" to IIS site.

                <remove users="*" roles="" verbs="" />
                <add accessType="Allow" users="" roles="Domain\Security Group1" />

But, above solution denies access to all users including users under "Domain\Security Group1".

I found following link in this forum, but it seems to for older IIS version (IIS7 and below)
Restrict access to IIS site to an AD Group


I have found the solution. I had to change my C# code to resolve this issue.

I used following link as a reference.


Specifically, I used following reference code from above mentioned link.

foreach (string GroupPath in result.Properties["memberOf"])
    if (GroupPath.Contains(group))
        return true;

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