(Debian 8)

My .pgpass file is at my home folder (admin)

I and using the right format as indicated in the documentation


The same fields I put there work well when put explicitly into the psql command line. (of course I have to enter the password manually).

However, running psql by itself gives our an error:

psql: FATAL: role "admin" does not exist

Note that my postgres username is NOT "admin", which is my debian username.

What am I doing wrong? my goal is to get access to psql without having to use an elaborate command line including host/port/username/database


psql defaults to using your current unix username when connecting, unless you specify something different.

If you want a different default you can set the PGUSER environment variable.

See https://stackoverflow.com/q/17632278/398670

.pgpass is what psql looks up to find out the password for a given host, username, port, etc combo. It doesn't specify what connection to use, only the password to use for a given connection.

You can use env vars, a sevice file, and/or shell aliases to specify connection defaults.

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