I'm trying to migrate the collections from one Team Foundation Server to another.

A collection that uses local account memberships fails to get attached to the new server. The other collections use domain accounts and get attached without any problem.

So, I identified the accounts with tfsconfig identities

Then, I attempted to change the identities by using the following command:

tfsconfig identities /change /fromdomain:MACHINE_NAME /todomain:DOMAIN_NAME

But, the operation fails with the following error:

Account Name                      Exists (see note 1)  Matches (see note 2) 
DOMAIN_NAME\DOMAIN_ACCOUNT_NAME   True                 False

0 security identifier(s) (SIDs) were changed in Team Foundation Server.

(1) The Exists column indicates whether the listed account exists in Windows. For the List mode of the command, this is the account stored in Team Foundation Server. For the Change mode, it is the target of the change.

(2) The Matches column indicates whether the SID stored in Team Foundation Server matches with Windows.

When I run tfsconfig identities, I can see both:

MACHINE_NAME\LOCAL_ACCOUNT_NAME       True                 True
DOMAIN_NAME\DOMAIN_ACCOUNT_NAME       True                 True

So, why is it still failing? Any ideas?


You need to change the account using the "tfsconfig accounts" command.

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