I'm trying to setup automatic deployment using msbuild.
I succeeded having a msdeploy sync call to successfully publish a zip package created with msbuild.
However when I try to perform a msdeploy delete call prior to the sync operation it fails with


Is there any permissions or additional IIS delegation rules that should be set compared to the one used for the sync call ?

The msdeploy -verb:sync works correctly:

  Total changes: 676 (672 added, 0 deleted, 4 updated, 0 parameters changed, 55787329 bytes copied)
  Syncing done.

Howerver the msdeploy -verb:delete fails:

  Info: Using ID '138cbadf-3449-4574-8e3f-0a3bd13fe751' for connections to the remote server.
  More Information: Could not complete an operation with the specified provider ("auto") when connecting using the Web Management Service. This can o
  ccur if the server administrator has not authorized the user for this operation. auto http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=178034
    Learn more at: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=221672#ERROR_USER_NOT_AUTHORIZED_FOR_DEPLOYMENTPROVIDER.

As you can see I'm using a msbuild proj file to to this. The msdeploy calls are performed with the <Exec> rule :

<Target Name="Publish" >
        <Message Importance="High" Text="Deleting from $(PublishServer) ..." />
        <!-- THIS FAILS: -->
          Command="&quot;$(MsDeployBinary)&quot; -verb:delete -dest:auto,computerName=&quot;https://$(PublishServer):8172/msdeploy.axd?Site=$(IisAppHostName)&quot;,authType=Basic,userName=$(UserName),password='$(Password)' -allowUntrusted -disableLink:ContentExtension -disableLink:AppPoolExtension"
        <Message Importance="High" Text="Deletion done." />

        <Message Importance="High" Text="Syncing to $(PublishServer) ..." />
        <!-- THIS WORKS: -->
          Command="&quot;$(MsDeployBinary)&quot; -verb:sync -source:package=&quot;$(ArchiveDir)\$(SiteName)\$(SiteName).zip&quot; -dest:auto,computerName=&quot;https://$(PublishServer):8172/msdeploy.axd?Site=$(IisAppHostName)&quot;,authType=Basic,userName=$(UserName),password='$(Password)' -allowUntrusted -setParam:&quot;IIS Web Application Name&quot;=&quot;$(IisAppHostName)/$(IisSiteName)&quot;"
        <Message Importance="High" Text="Syncing done." />

Any idea why sync can add and alter files while delete fails ?

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Ok, got it working using the -dest:issApp instead of the -dest:auto provider.
Curiously enough, I can not use the -dest:iisApp provider when syncing from a source package without getting an event error:

Microsoft.Web.Deployment.DeploymentException: Source (sitemanifest) and destination (iisApp) are not compatible for the given operation.

So I use the -dest:auto for syncing and the -dest:iisApp for deleting.

          Command="&quot;$(MsDeployBinary)&quot; -verb:delete -dest:iisApp=&quot;$(IisAppHostName)/$(IisSiteName)&quot;,computerName=&quot;https://$(PublishServer):8172/msdeploy.axd?Site=$(IisAppHostName)&quot;,authType=Basic,userName=$(UserName),password='$(Password)' -allowUntrusted -disableLink:ContentExtension -disableLink:AppPoolExtension"

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