I've got a cluster of 3 CoreOS machines running on Azure. I rebooted two at the same time and the cluster failed as expected.

I need to replace the discovery token, cloud-config is read on every bootup, but according to the CoreOS docs:

Once an instance is provisioned on Azure, the cloud-config cannot be modified.

Is there a method to recover from this, short of destroying and then deploying a new cluster ?


there configuration file exists in location



sudo vim /var/lib/waagent/CustomData

You should be able to edit it. After the reboot configuration will pick up.


You could try modifying the etcd service definition in /run/systemd/system/etcd.service.d/20-cloudinit.conf - you should see something like


Modify the discovery URL to your new one, then restart it

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart etcd

You will need to test if this survives a reboot on Azure though!

  • It doesn't survive a reboot. I might start looking for a new host. – Mark Jul 5 '15 at 22:30

If you remove two nodes in three node cluster, you loose the quorum, with 3 nodes you can only with lose one node, for more information about the fault tolerance for the CoreOS:

Fault Tolerance Table

It is recommended to have an odd number of members in a cluster. Having an odd cluster size doesn't change the number needed for majority, but you gain a higher tolerance for failure by adding the extra member. You can see this in practice when comparing even and odd sized clusters:
Cluster Size    Majority    Failure Tolerance
1   1   0
3   2   1
4   3   1
5   3   2
6   4   2
7   4   3
8   5   3
9   5   4


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