FPM configration stats that you can retrieve variables from your current environment. However, on ubuntu using Nginx and PHP-FPM, I can not find a way to retrieve the variable value from the environment without hard coding it in the php-fpm.conf or nginx fcgi params.

Is there a way to get the environment variable from /etc/environment or /etc/bash.bashrc?

For ex:

clear_env = no

I think the main problem is not being able to modify the env vars for www-data. As >sudo -H -u www-data bash -c "env" does not include SECRET_TOKEN.


Looks like the only way is to add the env vars manually.

I modified the code a bit

$confFile = '/etc/nginx/fastcgi_params';

// Update the fpm configuration to make the environment variables available
// NOTE: ONLY in the CLI will $_SERVER have environment variables in it.
$content = file_get_contents($confFile);
$line = false;
foreach ($_SERVER as $name => $val) {
    if (strstr($name, 'SYMFONY') !== false) {
        $line = "fastcgi_param {$name} {$val};\n";
        # Either Add or Reset the variable
        if (strstr($content, $name) !== false) {
            $content = preg_replace('/fastcgi_param[\s\t]+'.$name.'\][\s\t]+.*?\n/', $line, $content);
            echo "MODIFIED {$name}\n";
        } else {
            $content .= "\n{$line}";
            echo "ADDED    {$name}\n";
if ($line) {
    file_put_contents($confFile, $content);

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