I'm implementing a 301 redirect in S3 using this blog post from when the functionality was first announced.

It explicitly says the redirect will be a 301, which is what I want.

Screenshot of the meta data:

enter image description here

The redirect is from: http://www.trevormckendrick.com/legal-entity to http://www.zerotoentrepreneur.com/basic-legal-entity-info-start-here/

But when I curl the 1st url it comes up as 302.

Also, Moz shows two separate redirects, one for

and another for

(note the trailing "/" at the end of the string).

What am I missing?

(Not sure if this would affect it, but I just moved the site from Github Pages to AWS last night.)

enter image description here


This is discussed in the documentation here

The 301 redirect is working; however, it redirects to the page with a leading slash before serving the 301 redirect to the configured sites

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