Just installed OpenManage 8 on a CentOS 6.5 system. I access the login page with and that loads up without a problem.

I enter the system hostname (my.domain.tld), username and password, then click Submit. OpenManage returns

Login failed.  
Hostname / IP address is Blank. 
Please enter a valid Hostname/IP address.

I've tried using the system's IP address, and verified that I am entering a valid username and password.

Coincidentally, I can click on Manage Web Server, and am able to log in using the same credentials (I'm not asked to enter a hostname on that login page).

Why is OpenManage complaining about a missing hostname when I am absolutely submitting a valid hostname on the login form? I've restarted openmanage, and tried restarting the server also. Same problem happens across multiple browsers and clients (hostname blank).

edit: I just yum removed/installed srvadmin-all, still getting the same problem.


Still unable to get logged in to the initial login screen, but I've found that after reinstalling srvadmin-all I now have access to manage DRAC configuration.

If I find a better solution for the question, I'll update this answer accordingly.

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