We are setting up a new Network which includes a VM in Azure. I can connect to this via RDC.

However, our security guy wants me to access it through a second VM for security reasons. In other words, I first connect with RDC to a "jump server" (which is just another VM in Azure) and then from there, use RDC to connect to the second server.

Is this actually adding a layer of security? It seems to me that unless the RDC on my local machine had somehow gotten a virus or gotten hacked, that there is no benefit to the jump server.

  • Its always fun to ask the security guys why they think it is more secure, and exactly what they think it prevents. If its a firewall/acl issue, rdp to A then B is exactly the same as straight to B – Drifter104 Jul 9 '15 at 14:59
  • just block any kind of access from the internet through the use of acl or security groups. Make rdp port only accessible through your corporation IP or vpn. blogs.technet.com/b/uspartner_ts2team/archive/2014/06/04/… – Bruno Faria Jul 9 '15 at 20:33

Using an RD Gateway is a superior solution. It should satisfy requirements of infosec as well.

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