I created a share which needs

follow symlinks = yes

wide links = yes

Is it possible to disable the unix extensions just for this share or enable following links without global

unix extensions = no?

  • Not only link to documentation would be great, but also to source code. – Jodka Lemon Jul 17 '15 at 17:16

As per the smb.conf manual page, unix extensions is a global parameter - you cannot set it per share.

By default wide links (a per-share parameter) is disabled if unix extensions is enabled, but you can disable the link between the two options by using the allow insecure wide links option:

Setting allow insecure wide links to true disables the link between these two parameters, removing this protection and allowing a site to configure the server to follow symlinks (by setting wide links to "true") even when unix extensions is turned on.

I think that should give you what you want.

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