I need to delete the workspace of a user that has some files checked out.

My account is a member of Administration Console users, TFS_APPTIER_SERVICE_WPG and the Application Tier's Team Foundation Administrators group.

The Team Foundation Administrators group has all privileges except "Make requests on behalf of others":

Administer Warehouse
Create Team Project Collection
Delete Team Project Collection
Edit Instance-level information

Make requests on behalf of others

Trigger events
Use full Web Access features
View instance-level information

I can access the Team Foundation Server Administration Console, but the File menu only has "Exit".

I understand that I can also do this from the tf utility, but I can't find it or perhaps I don't have this utility installed (Where can I look for it?).


You need Team Explorer to be installed to get access to the te.exe utility.

Install it on your local computer and not the TFS server. It is a client utility.


You can do that with the tf.exe from the command line. The options you need are

  • tf workspace allows you to see which workspaces exist for a certain user
  • tf undo allows you to remove the locks tf delete ca delete
  • tf delete can delete workspaces

using tf undo can be a lot of work but there are tools like Team Foundation Server Sidekicks that save time.

A good overview can be found at http://fci-h.blogspot.de/2011/01/how-to-force-undo-checkout-tfs.html

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