Currently, I have exim set up to mark spam mail, and reject spam mail with high scores, using these ACL instructions in the acl_smtp_data ACL:

  warn  condition = ${if <{$message_size}{500000}{1}{0}}
        spam = nobody
        add_header = X-Spam-Status: Yes
  deny  condition = ${if <{$message_size}{500000}{1}{0}}
        condition = ${if >{$spam_score_int}{80}{1}{0}}
        spam = nobody:true
        message = This message scored $spam_score spam points.

I’d like to be more aggressive for mails that are destined to certain addresses, e.g. all to @lists.example.com, and deny all spam mails to such addresses. Unfortunately, the domain acl condition is not available in acl_smtp_data. What is the suggested work-around for this?

(I would not mind imposing the more strict behaviour also on messages with multiple recipients, where at least one of them is a lists address.)


You can set an ACL variable in acl_check_rcpt, e.g.

    set acl_m0 = ${domain}
    logwrite = recipient domain = ${domain}

And then you can use $acl_m0 in acl_check_data.

  • Good idea. But with your code, acl_m0 would contain the domain of the last recipient. But I guess I could set a variable to 1 if the domain matches in acl_check_rcpt, and check the value of that variable in acl_check_data. – Joachim Breitner Jul 15 '15 at 14:54

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