On Check Point firewall's command line, how can I find its version?
Major version, minor version and optionally build number.


Note: all the commands available on clish (default CLI shell) shell, Gaia OS.

The most basic command is:

show version all

Example output:

Product version Check Point Gaia R75.45
OS build 123
OS kernel version 2.6.18-92cp
OS edition 32-bit

Other relevant commands from Check Point CLI reference guide:

Security Gateway Version
Display the Security Gateway major and minor version number and build number:

fw ver [-k][-f <filename>]
  -k Print the version name and build number of the Kernel module.  
  -f <filename> Print the version name and build number to the specified file.

VPN Version
Display the VPN major version number and build number.

vpn ver [-k] -f <filename> 
  ver Displays the version name and version build number
  -k Displays the version name and build number and the kernel build number
  -f Prints the version number and build number to a text file.

Products and the Operating System
Obtain details of the products and the operating system installed on the specified Check Point Security Gateway, and to update the database.

cprinstall get <object name>
  <object name> The name of the Check Point Security Gateway object defined in SmartDashboard.


cprinstall get gw1
Checking cprid connection...
Operation completed successfully
Updating machine information...
Update successfully completed
'Get Gateway Data' completed successfully

Operating system Major Version Minor Version
SecurePlatform R75.20 R75.20

Vendor Product Major Version Minor Version
Check Point VPN-1 Power/UTM R75.20 R75.20
Check Point SecurePlatform R75.20 R75.20
Check Point SmartPortal R75.20 R75.20

[On SmartCenter] Management Server Version

fwm ver [-f <filename>]
  -f <filename> Exports the build number data to a file

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