We have an SBS 2008 server with exchange 2007 installed on it. We run a spamfilter in front of it. My problem is that whenever I use an invalid email address. invalid@mydomain.com it gets accepted by the exchange even though the recipient filtering is enabled. The accepteddomain is mydomain and authoritative. I installed antispamagents-ps1 and restarted the services before that. I'm a bit new to this so if you could help me that would be really appreciated. Thanks.

RecipientValidationEnabled : True

[PS] get-transportagent

Identity Enabled Priority -------- ------- -------- Transport Rule Agent True 1 Journaling Agent True 2 AD RMS Prelicensing Agent False 3 Catchall Agent True 4 Connection Filtering Agent True 5 Content Filter Agent True 6 Sender Id Agent True 7 Sender Filter Agent True 8 Recipient Filter Agent True 9 Protocol Analysis Agent True 10


Figured it out. Even though everything else was disabled in the transport agent, the priority still mattered. I set the recipient filter agent to priority 1 and it works fine. set-transportagent -identity "recipient filter agent" -priority 1 Telneting and trying an invalid address returns unknows user. However one could question how this works if the priority matters even though everything else is disabled. Thanks.

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