I need to recover a guest machine with Windows 2003 on a new host server on Centos 7 with virt-manager. I've shut down a guest machine and simply copied its .img file from /var/lib/libvirt/images.

Then I've tried to restore it using virt-manager, I've pointer virt-manager to my .img file, checked to install NAT network (default) and it worked - system's been restored. But it has no Internet connection, LAN works and my guest pings from other guests and can ping host-machine and other guests, but there is no Internet. Maybe I've done a wrong restore?

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Definitely, it's better to export/import the complete VM information, not only the disks. If you still have access to your original host, find your VM's definition (XML format). In Ubuntu it resides under /etc/libvirt/qemu, not sure about CentOS and likes. You can just copy it to the same location (with libvirt service stopped) or import using virsh. You may have to edit XML before importing to change network name, storage path, etc, because you've created them before.

A chance is that your current problem is related to MAC address change or a routing issue.

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