I would like to limit the download speed of my .mkv and my .mp4 files My page have got 1000-3000 visitor per day

I would like to give 200KiB/s / per ip.

Is there any easy installable apache module? Or can I limit only download fibers? ... Download speed limit by IP, or connection...

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    Doable, yes. Easy? No. How much (which) of the infrastructure is owned/managed by you and how much (which) of the infrastructure is owned/managed by a 3rd party hosting group? – CIA Jul 23 '15 at 16:39
  • For instance mod_cband is not more granular than per VirtualHost (and not per directory/location, let alone per file-type) ... – HBruijn Jul 23 '15 at 17:08

You have three approach at disposition, basically:

  1. use lighttpd instead of Apache, as it has integrated bandwidth control and management
  2. use one of the various (non-official) Apache modules availables, as mod_qos, mod_cband, mod_limitipconn, ecc.
  3. use tc and/or netfilter to create queues and mark packets based on source ports (which will be more or less unique, but remain at a manageagle ~64K entries)

I think that, for your use, you should really consider do use lighttpd (maybe even side-to-side to you Apache installation).

Other useful links: this and this

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