I believe that snapshots and disk extensions are not friends, having said that...

Is it safe to delete a VMWare snapshot created before adding a new virtual hdd to my LVM partition?

What I mean is:

  1. Create a VMWare snapshot
  2. Add a new virtual hdd to my VM
  3. extend server's LVM partition with the new virtual hdd
  4. delete the VMWare snapshot

Is this going to break my server? can I safely reboot it after delete the snapshot?

NOTE: I am talking about Virtual machine snapshots and not LVM snapshots.



Yes, this is perfectly safe.

If you created the snapshot while the VM was powered off even revertig to the snapshot should be no problem. I wouldn't want to try reverting to a snapshot that was created while the VM was powered off though, those are never really clean.

Operations like this are exactly what snapshots are for.

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