Various documents on the Internet indicate that it is normal to use puppet to ensure that the Apache2 package is installed in Ubuntu eg

   package { 'apache2':
      ensure => present,
    service { 'apache2':
      ensure => running,
      enable => true,
      require => Package['apache2']

However, when testing this recently with Ubuntu Trusty, my agent is showing the following error:

Could not evaluate: Could not find init script or upstart conf file for 'apache2'

When I use the puppetlabs Apache module, I can install Apache from scratch on Trusty, but this seems to be actioned by applying static files from the module rather than by actioning a standard apt-get package installation.

Also, if I pre-install Apache2 with

apt-get install apache2

The standard puppet module code above works.

It seems that at this point you can't use Puppet to install Apache2 from a vanilla Ubuntu Trusty installation.

The same issue is reported here for Debian 7 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30758036/install-apache-module-with-puppet-on-debian-7

  • I did test using ubuntu 14:10 container and I didn't find any problem, please provide puppet apply name_of_the_file.pp --debug – c4f4t0r Jul 29 '15 at 18:19
  • Today, I ran the same test and it appear to be working. I am working in Amazon EC2 here, and deployed a new Ubuntu Trusty instance. I was working with scratch instances yesterday to, just deploying them, installing the puppet client and killing them again. – Garreth McDaid Jul 30 '15 at 9:06

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