I am trying to rewrite an internal path for specific requests. I have the following URL:

That web page has some Server Side Includes. However this is a web content management system so the files being included reside elsewhere. The SSI line is <!--#include virtual="/wxt/wxt40/head.htm" -->. There is also an alias set up for iw-mount. So I assume that it will try to find that include at I need to remap it to find it at

So I have tried some different combinations for the rewrite with no luck. Here is the last one I tried:

RewriteCond %{ENV:url} ^/iw-mount/.*?/wxt.*$
RewriteRule ^(/iw-mount/).*?(/wxt.*$) $1default/main/common/wxt/WORKAREA/content/htdocs$2

I am pretty good with understanding Regex but I think it is my limited understanding of what Apache rewrite actually does that may be my problem. I read over the docs and looked at examples but they are not clear. So i guess I have 2 qestions:

  1. Am I rewriting URLs or local paths?
  2. Can anyone let me know what is wrong with my rewrite rule above?

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