I try to rsync a folder from server A to server B:

rsync -aAXSHPr --numeric-ids --fake-super --delete --delete-after --delete-excluded -e "ssh -i key" root@ /home/vmail/

rsync -avz --numeric-ids --fake-super --delete --delete-after --delete-excluded -e "ssh -i key" root@ /home/vmail/

No matter how I try rsync does not set the vmail owner on certain files (leaves them owned by root). I don't interrupt the process, I know it should do it at the end.

The vmail user has the exact same UID on both servers. I can of course chown the files after rsyncing.

What can go wrong here?


As you seem to be root I dont know why you are using --fake-super. You should try removing it.

I've never used the option, but reading the man page seems to suggest when using --fake-super you are also supposed to use -M--fake-super so it is applied at both ends.

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