I get visual confirmation that the tunnel is working from the fortigate GUI but, it also says i don't have 1 byte of traffic, the linux server also confirms the tunnel is open but i can't ping nowhere,

my conn

conn office
 #left side is home
 #right side is work
 #set right to vpn remote gateway
 #set rightsubnet to remote network
 #specify encryption FortiGate VPN uses
 #perfect forward secrecy (default yes)
 #optionally enable compression

the fortigate status Vpn Status

ping test :

-- ping statistics ---
7 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 6000ms

on the fortigate I did add the nesesary routes and policies as stated in the manual.


I was using a virtual machine to test the vpn, that was a mistake, since my modem had no physical interface for the virtual machine, it assumed it was on port 2 and gave dmz access to port 2 while my physical computer containing the virtual machine was on port 1, after wrtitting my virtual machine to a physical unit, and configuring DMZ the vpn started transfering.

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