When trying to install a program from group policy on Windows 10 I am receiving an error in event viewer.

"The assignment of application failed. The error was: %%65"

I have found similar posts (although the error # was different) that suggested changing "Startup policy processing wait time". After doing so I am still receiving this error.

This is only happening on our Windows 10 machines.

Has anyone ran into this and have a solution?

Thank you in advanced.


Can be caused by a few things, here's the usual primer: Group Policy installation failed error 1274

Some other causes: Spanning Tree on the network switch causes the port to be Blocked for a few seconds while the switch determines if there is a loop. I'm having a similar issue: Group Policy Application on Boot with MSTP & really really fast computers

Also, I saw something about UNC hardening causing Win 10 to have difficulties accessing the NETLOGON UNC on boot, but you'd need to do additional research.

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