We have a number of users VPNing into a Windows 2012 server. Using VPN provided by Routing and Remote access on Windows server. Mostly this works fine, but I have one or two users who sometimes complain about their VPN connection dropping. Given that it is fine for others, I am fairly confident that the problem lies either at their end or somewhere on the route between us and them. They travel around as well, which doesn't help.

I would like to be able to demonstrate where the problem lies and was hoping a simple tracert might be a good starting point. So a tracert between our server and their laptop - or at least to their router. RRAS will give me their internally allocated IP address, but is it possible to get the internet facing IP address that is being used at their end for the connection?

I would prefer not to go the route of installing a dynamic dns client, but that would be an option. Similarly I could ask them to run tracert, but that might push their technical skills which is why I would prefer to run it from my server.



A longshot, but netstat -aon should yield a list of established connections which you can filter by your VPN server port or PID.

Copypaste the connected IPs into a tool like PingInfoView and run ping to see if any connection is dropping packets. When you identify "problematic" IPs, you can run tracert (or, even better, WinMTR) on them.

  • That is perfect. netstat -aon | find "1723" lists them all. (Don't have many). Thank you. – Brian Cryer Aug 6 '15 at 11:31

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