I have a little problem with my HP 6125G Blade Switch. Just to precise, I don't understand much IRF configuration.

So i have a hp C7000 blade systems, with embeded blade switches (4). The switches are configured as an IRF stack. 2 servers and some blades are plugged on the switches (and a disk bay), all in a single VLAN.

My problem is : On my server, "someone" is sending a DHCPDISCOVER request each 7 seconds (~). Since the address MAC is mentionned in the /var/log/messages, I know it does not come from any machine (neither server nor blades), and not from the disk bay. So it remains my IRF switches stack : when i do an arp on the management switch address, i see an @MAC that looks like a lot to the @MAC i'm looking for ; if the 4 members have almost similar @MAC, I would suspect one of them to be culprit (and because I don't have any others hardware)

My question is : When connected via SSH on the switch stack, how can I check the @MAC of each member ? I looked the configuration, as far as I understand (very far) all I can see related to mac address is the option irf mac-address persistent timer

Sorry if I don't use the correct terms, any answer/advice/explanation is welcome

Thanx :)


Ok, so it seems the following command ...

display irf

... displays the @MAC of each member.

In the contrary, the command

display irf topology

seems to use only the master's MAC address

Just in case, for who is interested, it seems that for each BridgeAggregation you create (in my case I use LACP) an @MAC is associated (don't know if it's a virtual one - would be another topic), you can see them with the command

display interface

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