I would like to see x MB/s, like freebsd has ifstat command which is pretty cool. I need something similar


You might want to look into BWMng for real-time monitoring, but I can live with SNMP-based graphing and reporting through munin or cricket.

On a side note, I understand that ifstat itself can be compiled for Solaris.

Oh, for throughout, detailed, protocol-level statistic dissections, ntop can't be beaten, but it requires a lot of resources and is overkill for most cases.

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    Thanks, i found this only: dladm show-link -s -i 10 bge1 – Istvan Oct 4 '09 at 20:09

You can look at the "raw" kernel stats using kstat:

kstat -p -m ce (or whatever you interface is e.g. bg)


One of the nicest tools that I've found is nicstat. It helped me to quickly rule-out the network when we were trying to diagnose what we believed to be an NFS problem related to the network.

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