I am trying to join a Linux server to Active Directory. I want to set OS Name and OS Version attributes upon joining the domain using this command:

/usr/bin/net ads join -k -S adserver.example.local osName=CentOS osVer=6.5

I've delegated permissions to a bind account so that it can read/write to OS Name and OS Version properties for computer objects. When I try to join domain, I am hit with this error:

Failed to join domain: failed to set machine os attributes: Insufficient access

I have no issues joining the domain when leaving off osName and osVer. Just to verify that this account has the right permissions, I manually set these two properties on the computer objects using ADSI.


It's usually easier to pre-stage the computer account, and assign permissions/owner to the account that will be joining it to the domain.

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  • I've automated the process from the Linux side and what you described sounds a lot more complicated than what is currently working. – Python Novice Aug 12 '15 at 10:18
  • From a security perspective, it's safer to have a separate computer account prestage process/web service than using a shared provisioning account with elevated permissions in the domain/forest that probably has the credentials saved in a config file. – Greg Askew Aug 12 '15 at 11:51

From packet analysis, learned that the account being used to join the domain was missing permissions to read/write to Operating System Service Pack. That attribute was automatically being set to the version of samba that was installed.

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