I have a win server 2012 r2 server named ws7. from my other windows 2012 server that is currently our primary active directory server named ws4 I am trying to create a RODC for a remote office with limited bandwith

I am trying to "pre-create a read only domain account" and when I enter the name of the server it gives me the error"

The Specified computer name "ws7" already exists in the domain "mydomain.local"

The server ws7 is joined to the domain but i'm not sure what to do next

  • From Microsoft: The server that will become the RODC must not be joined to the domain before you try to attach it to the RODC account, which means that you should not have already joined the new server to the domain. You have so therefore the computer account already exists. – joeqwerty Aug 11 '15 at 17:59
  • is removing it from the domain sufficient or must i delete the computer account as well? – Crash893 Aug 11 '15 at 23:38
  • You'll need to do both. You can't pre-stage the computer account if a computer account already exists. You need the server to not be joined to the domain when you connect it to the pre-staged computer account. – joeqwerty Aug 11 '15 at 23:42
  • Is there a better way to cache a few passwords on a file server in a remote temp office other than RODC? – Crash893 Aug 11 '15 at 23:52

Precreating an account is used only when the object doesn't exist in Active Directory yet. From what you are describing ws7 is a member server of your domain already.

You'll just want to add the roles via the server manager on the new server 'ws7'.

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