Is there a way for non-admins to use the PSScheduledJob module? For example, I tried Register-ScheduledJob without admin privilege, but it returns "Access is Denied" error. We know that we can allow non-admin to use PSRemoting (such as New-PSSession), by changing the PSSessionConfiguration:


Is there a way to do the same for Scheduling Jobs? I would like to allow non-admins to Schedule Jobs and stuffs


Have you tried this handy tip from Ben Shy an MS Employee on his TechNet blog.


You could add the whole of the PSScheduled job command embedded in that session.

How you get the creds in there without the user knowing is a different matter.

Two things, you may need unrestricted excecution policy (I haven't tested yet) AND you may need to store your creds somewhere (potentially insecure)

I don't know your network or requirements so cant advise on that :-0



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