Aim: We are creating a cloud server which will collect diagnostic data (like bytes exchanged, SNR) from remote SNMP enabled network devices (like Routers, Switches).

The SNMP devices may be located in a private network.

We discussed with a cable vendor who quoted,

SNMP on modems is only accessible via the modem IP, which is traditionally a private IP within an MSO. Companies will generally deploy a probe or agent on-site that collects the SNMP data and delivers it back to their main operation.

SNMP proxies are also a possibility.

He talks about about deploy probes, proxing, on site agent.

We want to know how those mechanisms are actually implemented in detail.

Some references or few lines of introduction about the set up would be really helpful.


"deploy a probe or agent on-site" -- install something inside the network that does the collection, then return the data to the management station.

"SNMP proxies" -- software which receives an SNMP request from the outside, redirects it to the device to be monitored, and then returns the response to the original requestor.

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